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The Surprising Power of Pronunciation

Anthony Larsen, a writer for, guest blogs today on the power of pronunciation to help improve one’s language learning abilities. A few months after I started learning Spanish I took up a new job where I worked with mostly Spanish speaking Latinos who knew little English. I thought, “Great, this is an awesome opportunity

Ways to improve pronunciation

There are many things that have been written and said in the name of improving pronunciation. Whatever you read or have been told, ultimately, improvement  depends upon what YOU do or don’t do and, as importantly, what you continue to do!  EVERYONE is capable of improving their own pronunciation, maybe not right up to native

How Not to Learn Pronunciation!

This is a hilarious video clip from Pink Panther of Steve Martin attempting to learn how to pronounce English. Though very humorous, it is also a statement on how pronunciation is taught and learnt across the world. Though this clip takes the technique to humourous heights, the reality is that learning pronunciation through mimicry or