Empowering your language learning

Do you want to stop struggling and being frustrated in your language learning? Do you want to gain an improved understanding of what it takes to get better at learning a second language so you can move forward faster and more effectively? Do you want to see how this can be done? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you have come to the right place.

The language learning strategies you employ are fundamental to your success. Here you can discover how you can build your skills as well as your confidence, as your results start to improve. At Strategies in Language Learning you can find not only what has been slowing you down or stopping you but you can also find what you need to do to get back on target!

Many language learners settle for a lot less than they can achieve for different reasons. Sometimes it is because they have settled on the wrong understandings, methods or tools, sometimes it is because they lack belief in their own capacities (caused by going about learning in ineffective ways) and sometimes because there is a lack of clarity in what they really want from their lives.

In these pages you can find an ever increasing number of insights, into what you can do NOW to improve your language learning. We make available, free of charge usually on a fortnightly basis, insights and strategies that you can use to transform your learning so that you make continued and measurable progress. You can find out here what actually works, so you can concentrate on the things that work, not the things you think should work but in fact may not. You can learn to avoid the ways of learning that are virtually guaranteed not to work, despite the fact that so many learners think that they should because that is the way they were taught.

I will mention here one crucial point that holds true no matter what you do and how you are learning.  Namely, that the quality of your speaking in a second or foreign language will be determined by the quality of your listening. This will no doubt be a surprise to many people, as most language teaching does not appear to not take this on board. Instead, many learners and teachers think that studying (grammar, vocabulary, phrases and so on) will give the learners their desired results. It does not.

On this site you will find a lot of practices and discussion, around the learning of pronunciation, language structure, reading, vocabulary and even spelling, that will help you focus on your listening and hence improve your learning.

If you are interested in find out about some great language learning strategies and how you can improve your speaking and your language learning, register yourself now for the free fortnightly insights, including video clips, audio tracks, interviews, etc. You may decide you would like to read a comprehensive discussion on this topic. In this case, grab yourself a copy of  Language Learning Unlocked, in which you will find a lot more developed discussion and practices that can positively improve your learning of languages.

Improve your memory for learning languages

Empower yourself to improve your language learning! Utilise improved language learning strategies.

  • Discover ways of learning that enable you to use what you learn.
  • Learn to have fun while you are learning.
  • Learn to value, not fear, your mistakes.
  • Embrace the power of listening as a fundamental tool.
  • Let go of ineffective ways of learning.
  • Develop your intuition to power your learning.