Are Language Classes Useful

Many people turn to language classes in the blind belief that they will learn a language there. Well, sometimes that is what happens. But many times not.  There are many things we could say about what makes a good language class.  For now though, what I would like to point out that, at a general level, language classes can really help you towards your goal in learning a language in a number of ways and can do the opposite as well.  

By not being discerning language learners can do themselves an injustice.  It is not an easy thing for a layperson to know whether a language class is useful or not, especially if you have had little experience. Most time language learners blame themselves if things don’t go as expected. This really is a mistake, as there are no bad language learners, there are only ineffective ways of learning.  So if things are not going as well as you would like in a class, take a cold hard look at what is happening.  

You might need to adjust what you are doing, but you also might need to change the class you are in.  Check out this post to see the kind of classes I recommend. Anyways, have a look at the following clip and gain some insights about language classes and their usefulness or otherwise.

Be great to hear of your personal experiences, what works, what does not, etc.