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5 Steps to Improve English Speaking

how to improve English speaking

You may be wondering, five? Well, once you understand AND implement these steps, and start seeing the results you get, you will come to know why each of them is essential. To improve any skill, in fact, takes 5 steps. Improving English (or any other language) speaking is no different. How to Improve English Speaking SkillsIt […]

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After classes, then what?

language classes vs self study

What’s after language classes?One seldom discussed issue for language learners who are in classes is how are they going to keep learning once they leave classes. This is really a critical question, if this is you, as the answer to this can help you decide on what is the best course of action in your language […]

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How to Improve English Pronunciation

how to improve English pronunciation

Real improvement in English pronunciation IS possible. Do you really want to improve ? If you do, you have come to the right place. Learning how to improve your English pronunciation depends upon you letting go of ways that don’t work and effectively! Don’t take anyone’s word for it; learn to see for yourself what is getting in your […]

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Effective Grammar Practice

Effective grammar practice

Learning a language clearly requires us to learn how the language itself works. Many people believe that grammar study can help and in fact is even necessary. Whether it is necessary is not something that I wish to explore here. Instead, let’s have a look at what you can do to practice it, so it […]

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The 3 Keys to Motivating Language Learners

Listen into a Teleconference at the 3rd ELT Conference at Pontianak, Indonesia to a talk on The Keys 3 to Motivating Language Learners. This is something that concerns all teachers day to day, how to keep the learners attentive, focussed and learning. Everyone wants to be succeed at what they are doing, whether it be teaching or learning! The key […]

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Language Learners’ Main Concern

I recently sent out a survey to the subscribers on this website, seeking information about a number of things. One question was to do with their single greatest concern about learning a new language. Rather than write about it here, I decided to make a short video talking a little about the answers of the language learners. You […]

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Learning Languages Formula

Formula for Success in learning languages

Formula for Success You may be surprised to read that there is such a thing as a success formula for learning languages. I can assure you there is one! Success in language learning is not a random or a haphazard event, many if not most of you I am sure would agree. Whilst there can be […]

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Laziness is not what you think

laziness and language learning

So many people have told me that the reason they struggle to learn a new language is that they are lazy. I suspect that many readers will be nodding their heads, and be saying, “Yep, that’s me!”.  Laziness is a word we created to describe how we feel about doing something. One dictionary describes it as […]

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Value of Repetition in Language Learning

For many language learners (and their teachers) repetition is highly valued, whether it be repeating vocabulary, grammar conjugations, sounds or phrases.  This practice is so ingrained in many people’s thinking and practices that they find it hard to see language learning without this practice as a core part of it. There are in fact different kinds of repetition. […]

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Questions are the answer

There are many reasons why it is that some people become successful so readily whilst others struggle and never really achieve the levels of proficiency they were seeking. One reason which comes up time and time again is that the successful ones take on more responsibility for their learning and don’t just do what they […]

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Yoda on Language Learning

How often have we heard the exhortation, or even made it ourselves, “Try harder!” The implication being that rewards come to those who try. Should we not instead heed the words of the immortal guru Yoda, who said,  “Do or do not. There is no try.” That advice seemed to resonate with me at so […]

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What do I learn next?

Does it really matter what I decide to learn next? One of the key issues that many learners overlook or don’t adequately resolve is “What do I work on next?”. This question is more important than you may suppose as what you decide on may set you up for success, or maybe for a much […]

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Is Language Learning Hard?

There certainly is a perception “out there” that language learning is difficult. With the prevalence of that belief, one would think there must be some truth to that perception. In fact you can even find hard data to “prove” that belief.  Of course one should not jump to hasty conclusions and believe that what we […]

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Meaning Driven Language Learning

What is driving your language learning, the meaning or the language? This might seem like an odd question, but I believe the answer to this may help you understand how you may be able to improve your language learning. There are many language learners who I have come across concentrate on learning the new language. […]

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Welcome to The Dice Life: The Ultimate Productivity Hack

Poductivey hack in language learning

Morning. Latte, cappuccino, chai latte, frappucino – choices, choices and never enough time to think about what you really want. Best stick with the usual, one Americano, please (how exciting). Afternoon. Emails, projects, tasks, meetings and bosses! Which one to tackle first, who comes next and what has to wait? Decisions, decisions. Energy and time […]

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Better Language Learning

better language learning

I was struck recently from the experience I had when I attended a conference (IATEFL) for English language teachers in Hungary that a key factor in learning another language is the mindset you bring to it, more than anything else. I had the good fortune to meet there not only local teachers and ones from […]

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Who Likes Change?

I have been exploring what holds language learners back and what can be done to move forward so they can produce the outcomes that all of us are capable of, since I started this site, some 3 years ago.  One issue I have skirted about but not dealt with head on is the issue of […]

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Speaking as a learning approach

Improve English speaking

It is commonsense I believe to suggest that you improve a skill by doing it. So to say that the best way to improve English speaking is by speaking it should not be a hard pill to swallow. However for a variety of reasons, most approaches to learn English speaking is through reading and writing. […]

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What’s your excuse?

It would seem that the vast majority of people who attempt to learn another language give up on that endeavour well before they get to an “acceptable” level of proficiency. Arriving at the decision to “give up” takes some time and usually involves the creation of an “excuse” which provides the justification for the decision. […]

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5 Habits of Successful Language Learners

There is a widespread agreement by those who have looked at success that there is a lot we can learn from how other people achieved success in various fields. Clearly language learning has specific nuances and needs, but there are also many parallels we can find. In my recently released book, Language Learning Unlocked, I […]

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Unlock Your Language Learning

Discover how to dramatically improve your language learning ability Have you ever wondered why it is that all of us learned our first language with seeming effortless ease, while most of struggle learning a subsequent language. We struggle so much in fact that something like 95% of those who set out to do it give […]

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Language Learning Styles

There is no doubt about the importance of having a sense of one’s own preferred language learning style when deciding how to learn a language. Whilst there is clearly some truth in the assertion that different people can have different learning styles and we have to pay attention to that in deciding what is the […]

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Language Learning and Empathy

You may be wondering what empathy has got to do with language learning. Well, just suspend your judgment for a minute or two and read on to see its importance to any serious language learner. What I talk about here you may see more relevant to an immersion environment, however I believe that if looked […]

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Noticing and Learning Languages

Noticing what we are doing while we are learning a language, its impacts on others as well as ourselves is a key to language learning. As to be expected many language learners, to a large degree, rely upon how they have been taught to learn a language. However most language teaching practices seem to concentrate […]

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Language Learning Immersion Is Not The Whole Answer

language immersion

It has been shown that learning another language in an immersion environment is consistently superior to that of explicit language instruction- as in a typical classroom situation. This has been shown anecdotally, as well as in some hard nosed research which looked at the respective effects on brain function. Learning a new language in an immersion environment […]

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Talent and Language Learning

There is an undercurrent of opinion that there are talented language learners and then there are the rest, who struggle to get to proficiency. So the question, “Is talent needed for language learning?” is one that many language learners think about and I daresay want to be answered! Or is it just a convenient belief to […]

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Learning Grammar Through Reading

Learning grammar without a grammar book! In previous posts and articles, I have written about the need to get away from learning grammar rules and studying vocabulary as a way to improve the language you are studying. I have made a few suggestions about what can be done.  Here, in this post, I am going […]

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Language Learning and Culture

People do intuitively understand that there is a connection between languages and culture but sometimes the relationship between language learning and culture is not sufficiently explored. So let’s have a look at a few issues that can help some language learners.   Every language has embedded cultural overtones. These, of course, vary from country to […]

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Are Language Classes Useful

Many people turn to language classes in the blind belief that they will learn a language there. Well, sometimes that is what happens. But many times not.  There are many things we could say about what makes a good language class.  For now though, what I would like to point out that, at a general […]

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Language Learning Goals

Having language learning goals is one of the key strategies that successful language learners have in common.  One of the biggest obstacles to learning is the lack of a clear goal. Many learners will say, “it would be nice to learn Spanish” or “my wife’s family speaks Chinese, so I want to learn it” or […]

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Perception in English Spelling

Perception as a learning skill is of undoubted importance.  It is hardly ever talked about in relation to learning languages but its importance I believe is common sense.  We all learnt our first language by figuring it all out for ourselves.  To do that we had to have great perceptive skills. As adults we have […]

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Improving Language Practice

Language Practice Everyone knows the importance of language practice for language learners.  However, there is not much discussion about what actually is good practice.  I have seen practice that is next to useless and practice that brings amazing improvements.  So sometimes the reason why people don’t progress as they would like is that they not […]

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Spelling in English – Part 1

There has been some confusion about the nature of English spelling, partly because it seems to have so many words that don’t appear to follow any rule or reason.  However without a doubt English is a phonetic language. By understanding this in a practical way you can significantly improve your spelling.   When we say […]

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Vocabulary Learning in a Second Language

Concentrating on vocabulary learning to the exclusion of all else is a common mistake that many language learners make. That is not surprising as I have seen so much emphasis made in language learning books and courses, about the importance of vocabulary. There is no doubt about the importance of vocabulary. However, I feel that its […]

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Mistakes to Avoid to Successfully Learn a Foreign Language

mistakes to avoid in learning languages

I wrote a free Ebook some years back which detailed 7 mistakes you need to to avoid to successfully learn another language. For a while, I had the summary of the contents of that ebook here. Since then I have updated it and created a completely revised edition, with one mistake replaced with another, which […]

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Good Conversation Skills ARE Important for Language Learning

Improve conversation skills

Why Improve Conversation Skills?You may be wondering why this topic is important for someone who wishes to learn a second language. One of the biggest factors that hold learners back, especially in a second language learning environment, like learning to speak English in Australia, is the fact that many of them lack the necessary conversational skills […]

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How Not to Learn Pronunciation!

Here is a hilarious video clip from Pink Panther of Steve Martin attempting to learn how to pronounce English. Though very humorous, it is also a statement on how pronunciation is taught and learnt across the world. Though this clip takes the technique to humourous heights, the reality is that learning pronunciation through mimicry or […]

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Steve Job’s Approach to Language Learning!

Steve Jobs’ impact on our life cannot be overestimated. His innovations have likely touched nearly every aspect of life to do with– computers, movies, music and mobiles. I have here applied Jobs’ set of principles that drove his success to language learning. 1. Do what you love. Jobs once said, “People with passion can change […]

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Awareness in Language Learning

One of the basic understandings that can drive your learning forward is to understand that for language learning to happen, there must be an awareness or even multiple awarenesses about what it is that you are going to learn. Let us look at a few examples.  Let us say for example that you are pronouncing […]

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Successful Language Learning

To better understand successful language learning we can learn a lot by a better understanding of what successful people do in any area to be successful.  Clearly, language learners don’t need to do what athletes do or what business people do to attain the heights in their respective areas.  However, we can look at what they […]

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Language Learning Beliefs

Your beliefs in language learning are a critical factor in whether your learning is going to be successful The role of beliefs in learning languages is largely ignored in most language learning books, courses and classes, and by those who attempt to learn one by themselves. There are many factors at work in becoming a […]

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Language Learning Strategies

Your language learning strategies are a key factor if you are interested in taking your language learning to the next level. Many people don’t realise this. The result is that maybe they get stuck at a level for too long;  their progress seems to be too slow; learning languages seems too much like hard work […]

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