10 Language Learner Habits to Avoid

​Successful language learners do the kind of things the unsuccessful ones don't AND avoid the ones that unsuccessful ones do!

Can Lucid Dreaming Help You Learn A Language

Can lucid dreaming help you learn a language? There has been a spike in interest in lucid dreaming in recent

5 Steps to Improve English Speaking

You may be wondering, five? Well, once you understand AND implement these steps, and start seeing the results you get,

Checklist – Will Your Speaking Keep Improving?

Here are a few questions I suggest you ask yourself to see if your listening is helping you as it

Improving Listening Skills is Essential for Any Language Learner

Improving your listening skills will undoubtedly have an enormous impact on your ability to learn to speak a new language.

Translation Challenges Faced by Translators

Challenges translators face when translating from one language to another Being a translator is about much more than simply being

How to Recognise an Exceptional Language Teacher

Many language learners don't understand that having a great language teacher is as important as going to a language class.

After classes, then what?

What's after language classes?One seldom discussed issue for language learners who are in classes is how are they going to

How to Improve English Pronunciation

Real improvement in English pronunciation IS possible.Do you really want to improve ? If you do, you have come to

Language Learning Hacks

Are you someone who struggles to learn a second language or feel it is taking you too long? Do you

Effective Grammar Practice

Learning a language clearly requires us to learn how the language itself works. Many people believe that grammar study can

3 Keys to Success (You need 3!)

(The text below is an expanded and slightly different version of the video)The 3 Keys to Successful Language LearningNo matter

Reducing the gap between knowing and doing

A very common question asked by language learners is – “Is it useful (or useless) to talk to people who are

Age is no barrier to learning a language

Neuroscience has just provided us with a key insight into the topic about the importance of age in learning languages. Many

Become better at monitoring your learning

What is monitoring? One of the essential keys to improving your language skills is the practice of monitoring your language use as

The 3 Keys to Motivating Language Learners

Listen into a Teleconference at the 3rd ELT Conference at Pontianak, Indonesia to a talk on The Keys 3 to Motivating Language

Language Teachers’ Main Concern

I recently sent out a survey to the subscribers on this website, seeking information about a number of things. One

Language Learners’ Main Concern

I recently sent out a survey to the subscribers on this website, seeking information about a number of things. One

What Can We Learn From The Olympians?

Language Learning and the Olympics At this time when all the news is filled with the excitement and the feats

There Is A Best Way To Learn A Language!

Read this and see for yourself that there is a best way to learn a language!By far the best way

Can you learn a new language by watching movies?

It has been over 125 years since the birth of cinema, but the buzz and awe surrounding it has not

Importance of Feedback in Language Learning

Feedback in Language Learning A critical element to effective language learning, in fact to any learning, is feedback. Without feedback,

The Surprising Power of Pronunciation

Anthony Larsen, a writer for, guest blogs today on the power of pronunciation to help improve one’s language learning

Learning Languages Formula

Formula for Success You may be surprised to read that there is such a thing as a success formula for learning

Adult Language Learning Strategies

The Adult Language Learner Everyone understands that there are many differences between how adults learn languages and how children do.

Laziness is not what you think

So many people have told me that the reason they struggle to learn a new language is that they are

Overcoming Fears In Language Learning

Fear There would be very few people who approach speaking a new language with no fears. Fear of making errors and

Value of Repetition in Language Learning

For many language learners (and their teachers) repetition is highly valued, whether it be repeating vocabulary, grammar conjugations, sounds or phrases.

I Am Dreaming Of Learning A Language

No matter what religion you practice I suspect that many people around the world are winding down. It is a

Language Learning Secrets

If you have been trying to work out how it is that some people learn languages so readily whilst the

Questions are the answer

There are many reasons why it is that some people become successful so readily whilst others struggle and never really

Emotional Intelligence and Language Learning

There is an increasing acceptance that emotional intelligence is a key factor which can not only influence the quality of our

Yoda on Language Learning

How often have we heard the exhortation, or even made it ourselves, “Try harder!” The implication being that rewards come

A Language Learning Game

Languages are best learned when the learning is seen as games. Games are powerful paradigms for learning.  Here you will

Flow in Language Learning

Are you in the flow? If you are then, according to Flow Theory, you are working and learning in a

Rate your ability to successfully learn a new language

Here is  one way to assess your ability to learn languages. Many people talk about the difficulty of the language.

What do I learn next?

Does it really matter what I decide to learn next? One of the key issues that many learners overlook or

Is Language Learning Hard?

There certainly is a perception “out there” that language learning is hard. With the prevalence of that belief, one would

Improving Your Memory for Learning Languages

An often heard lament of language learners is, "Oh my memory is letting me down". Is that really the case,

Improve Language Learning by Playing

Most people like to play, kids especially, even though there might be a few who might think it too frivilous!

Meaning Driven Language Learning

What is driving your language learning, the meaning or the language? This might seem like an odd question, but I

Why are some people good at cooking?

I was talking to some students the other day about why is it that some people end up being good

Trust is a Key to Becoming a Great Language Learner

You may be wondering what trust has to do with language learning. I am here to tell you that it

Welcome to The Dice Life: The Ultimate Productivity Hack

Morning. Latte, cappuccino, chai latte, frappucino – choices, choices and never enough time to think about what you really want.

Better Language Learning

I was struck recently from the experience I had when I attended a conference (IATEFL) for English language teachers in

Proof you can reach native like levels in another language

Here is the proof that some people might need to help them believe what I and others have been saying,

Language Learning for Advanced Learners

Most language learning resources or materials are not for the advanced learners. Nor is it what language teachers usually talk

Importance of Engagement in Language Learning

There are many reasons why so many people struggle to learn a second language. If I was asked to pick

How language learning can be like a game.

Learning language can be more like playing a game than most people think. Games are by their nature interesting and

Who Likes Change?

I have been exploring what holds language learners back and what can be done to move forward so they can

Making meaning the key

It is of course understood that in learning a language, the importance of meaning is paramount. This is taken for

Can we get lost in learning a language?

With the recent startling events concerning flight MH370 my thoughts turned to wondering about how getting lost applies to learning

Language Learning Dissected

There is still a lot we don’t know about the process of language learning, but there is also is a

What’s your excuse?

It would seem that the vast majority of people who attempt to learn another language give up on that endeavour

The 4 Minute Mile In Language Learning

For thousands of years, the 4 minute mile was considered not only physically IMPOSSIBLE, but according to doctors of the

Nelson Mandela and Learning Languages

I think by now most people who are connected to the media in someway would know about the passing of

What To Do To Ensure You Keep Progressing Your Language Learning

Many language learners set out and do achieve a certain level but somehow end up getting stuck at a level

Homework That Helps to Improve Your Language Learning

Over the years I have seen so many students waste countless hours on language learning homework which really has little

Love Improves Your Language Learning!

Anecdotally, there seems to be a lot of talk about how having a lover in the target language can do

5 Habits of Successful Language Learners

There is a widespread agreement by those who have looked at success that there is a lot we can learn

The Dangers of Language Classes and Courses

Dangers of Language Classes Saying that language classes or courses can be “dangerous” may cause a few ripples amongst my

Watching Movies to Learn Language

There are really a lot of different ways to learn languages. Of the ones that work, and not all do

Improve Reading Skills to Improve your Language Learning

As I have mentioned before reading can be used to learn the grammar of the language you are learning. However

Unlock Your Language Learning

Discover how to dramatically improve your language learning ability Have you ever wondered why it is that all of us

The Role of Feelings in Learning

I had the pleasure recently of being interviewed by Sylvia Guinan on the role of empathy in language learning in

Language Learning Styles

There is no doubt about the importance of having a sense of one's own preferred language learning style when deciding

Looking at Language Learning From The Bottom Up

What can we  learn from the infants experience? Maybe you have thought about the question – “Why is it that

The A to Z to Best Language Learning

If you are finding your language learning is going more slowly than you wish, or not being as effective as

Language Learning and Empathy

You may be wondering what empathy has got to do with language learning. Well, just suspend your judgment for a

Language Learning And Freedom

The ways we learn languages can affect our sense of freedom. Speaking a language is an inherently creative act through

How To Learn A Language Effectively

There are a variety of factors that can affect the question of how to learn a language effectively. One of

Lifting The Lid On Mastering Stress In English

Listen to the podcast below (an interview with Dr. Piers Messum) and discover valuable insights as to how we stress

The Power of Guessing in Language Learning

So you maybe are wondering why guessing is so important in language learning. Especially when your experience may well have

Noticing and Learning Languages

Noticing what we are doing while we are learning a language, its impacts on others as well as ourselves is

Using Your Intuition To Power Your Language Learning

You may be wondering how intuition is related to language learning. One way to realise the significance of intuition is

Language Learning Games

Have you ever wondered why video games are so additive (to some!). Wouldn’t it be great if we could get

Mistakes and Language Learning

Many people do not want to make mistakes in learning languages, however they serve an important function in learning, which

Fun Language Learning Ideas

In many parts of the world we are entering a festive season. Whether it be Christmas, Hanukka, Kwanzaa, or just a

Beliefs And Their Impact On Learning Languages.

Our beliefs are one of the most powerful determiners of our outcomes in life. However they are results of our

Does Imitation Have A Place in Learning Pronunciation?

Listen in as Dr. Piers Messum explains how by using imitation as a key to learning pronunciation we have been

Lessons From A Gifted Language Learner

In trying to better understand what it takes to become a great ( if you prefer, you can use better!)

A Great Way Of Becoming A Better Language Learner

Most language learners (and teachers) seem exclusively concerned about the language they are learning (teaching), not themselves (the learner). Having

Learning Language Through Reading

It is possible to learn a language in many different ways. One way that appeals to many people is reading.

The Most Effective Language Classes

What are the best language classes and why? Many language learners go to language classes believing that is the best

Language Learning Immersion Is Not The Whole Answer

It has been shown that learning another language in an immersion environment is consistently superior to that of explicit language

Talent and Language Learning

There is an undercurrent of opinion that there are talented language learners and then there are the rest, who struggle

Language Learning Practice Revitalised

A little understood language learning strategy Every language learner I believe understands the importance of practice. However, just what constitutes

Learning Grammar Through Reading

Learning grammar without a grammar book!In previous posts and articles, I have written about the need to get away from

Language Learning and Culture

People do intuitively understand that there is a connection between languages and culture but sometimes the relationship between language learning

Practice Makes Perfect

Does “practice make perfect” or “does practice make improvement”? I think both can be true but really we will get

Are Language Classes Useful

Many people turn to language classes in the blind belief that they will learn a language there. Well, sometimes that

How To Make Your Language Learning Better

There are many reasons why we go to language classes. One of the more important reasons is that we are

How Do Talented People Learn Languages?

How talented people learn another language Many people wonder what it is that separates a so called talented language learner

Having a good memory is something all language learners want

Two ways to deal with the question of "how to improve memory".Most of the articles I have seen on how

Language Learning Goals

Having language learning goals is one of the key strategies that successful language learners have in common.  One of the

Perception in English Spelling

Perception as a learning skill is of undoubted importance.  It is hardly ever talked about in relation to learning languages

How To Memorize Vocabulary

One of the most common problems or issues that language learners talk about is how to memorize vocabulary. I have

Improving Language Practice

Language Practice Everyone knows the importance of language practice for language learners.  However, there is not much discussion about what

Spelling in English – Part 1

There has been some confusion about the nature of English spelling, partly because it seems to have so many words

Effective Language Learning

The following is an abridged and amended version of a talk I gave to some advanced level English language learners last

Habits in Language Learning

Habits are a powerful mechanism that can power our success or hinder it beyond measure. So it is imperative that we

Language Learning and New Year Resolutions

One of the more common New Year resolutions that people make, along side losing weight, is to do with learning

What Are Really Good Ways to Improve Your English

One of the least talked about aspects about how to improve your English (or any other language) is the role

Vocabulary Learning in a Second Language

Concentrating on vocabulary learning to the exclusion of all else is a common mistake that many language learners make. That

Mistakes to Avoid to Successfully Learn a Foreign Language

I wrote a free Ebook some years back which detailed 7 mistakes you need to to avoid to successfully learn

Are Language Exercises a Good Language Learning Strategy?

There is almost a universal belief amongst language learners which goes something like ” if I do language learning exercises

Good Conversation Skills ARE Important for Language Learning

Why Improve Conversation Skills? You may be wondering why this topic is important for someone who wishes to learn a second

How Not to Learn Pronunciation!

Here is a hilarious video clip from Pink Panther of Steve Martin attempting to learn how to pronounce English. Though

How To Improve Pronunciation

Discovering how to improve pronunciation is an essential task for any serious language learner. It is easy to get discouraged

Steve Job’s Approach to Language Learning!

Steve Jobs’ impact on our life cannot be overestimated. His innovations have likely touched nearly every aspect of life to

Staying Motivated Whilst Learning A Language Is Critical!

Motivation in Language Learning is one of the important elements of successful language learning. One of the basic elements in

How to Improve Your Pronunciation – Part 2

You will discover ideas and practical suggestions as to how you can improve your pronunciation in this second part of

What You Believe Is What You Are Going To Get

One of the students I have been working with lately on improving her learning made a comment the other day,

How to Improve Pronunciation – Part 1

Improving pronunciation is something that every language learner wants to do.  So, how to do it? Listening lies at the

How to Remember Vocabulary

​How to remember vocabulary is a question that virtually all learners I have come across try to solve by drawing

Awareness in Language Learning

One of the basic understandings that can drive your learning forward is to understand that for language learning to happen,

Successful Language Learning

To better understand successful language learning we can learn a lot by a better understanding of what successful people do in

Mistakes Are Your Friend

One of the most coming reactions to mistakes is, “Ugh, that was silly” or “@#$%” or some such thing. Most

Language Learning Techniques

Do the language learning techniques you use effect your language learning? The language learning techniques you use to learn a

Language Learning Beliefs

Your beliefs in language learning are a critical factor in whether your learning is going to be successful The role

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