“Freedom and life are earned by those alone who conquer them each day anew.”
by ~Johann Wolfgang Goethe~


Is Language Learning Hard?

There certainly is a perception “out there” that language learning is difficult. With the prevalence of that belief, one would think there must be some truth to that perception. In fact you can even find hard data to “prove” that belief.  Of course one should not jump to hasty conclusions and believe that what we

Meaning Driven Language Learning

What is driving your language learning, the meaning or the language? This might seem like an odd question, but I believe the answer to this may help you understand how you may be able to improve your language learning. There are many language learners who I have come across concentrate on learning the new language.

Welcome to The Dice Life: The Ultimate Productivity Hack

Morning. Latte, cappuccino, chai latte, frappucino – choices, choices and never enough time to think about what you really want. Best stick with the usual, one Americano, please (how exciting). Afternoon. Emails, projects, tasks, meetings and bosses! Which one to tackle first, who comes next and what has to wait? Decisions, decisions. Energy and time

Better Language Learning

I was struck recently from the experience I had when I attended a conference (IATEFL) for English language teachers in Hungary that a key factor in learning another language is the mindset you bring to it, more than anything else. I had the good fortune to meet there not only local teachers and ones from

Ways to Improve Listening

I have written quite extensively on the importance of listening in learning languages in a number of posts, as I believe this skill lies at the heart of being a good language learner. Many students understand this so they look for listening exercises to help them improve their listening. Teachers also understand it so they

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