language learning unlockedLanguage Learning Unlocked provides readers with the understandings, insights and strategies that will enable them to appreciate that they have everything it takes to learn a language successfully.  No one ever successfully climbed a snow capped mountain wearing sandshoes, shorts and a short sleeved shirt. You need the right mindset and the right tools to achieve your goals. This is what Language Learning Unlocked provides.

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Language Memory Unlocked Dramatically Improve your Memory for Learning Languages  provides you with the necessary insights and understandings that you can use to develop the skills of learning languages in ways that will maximise the chances of you exercising your natural memory. The one that we use when we easily remember things that we interact with on our daily life. Once you do that, you will see that your memory skills will be transformed. 

 English Pronunciation Unlocked   Learn how to not only improve your pronunciation, but also to keep improving it!

  • CollaborationXXXcreativity says:

    This author is one of small minority of language teachers, who understand the importance of our inner experience during any communication.
    I have not yet read his book, but I know it will be good!

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