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What do I learn next?

Does it really matter what I decide to learn next? One of the key issues that many learners overlook or don’t adequately resolve is “What do I work on next?”. This question is more important than you may suppose as what you decide on may set you up for success, or maybe for a much

Is Language Learning Hard?

There certainly is a perception “out there” that language learning is difficult. With the prevalence of that belief, one would think there must be some truth to that perception. In fact you can even find hard data to “prove” that belief.  Of course one should not jump to hasty conclusions and believe that what we

Better Language Learning

I was struck recently from the experience I had when I attended a conference (IATEFL) for English language teachers in Hungary that a key factor in learning another language is the mindset you bring to it, more than anything else. I had the good fortune to meet there not only local teachers and ones from

Who Likes Change?

I have been exploring what holds language learners back and what can be done to move forward so they can produce the outcomes that all of us are capable of, since I started this site, some 3 years ago.  One issue I have skirted about but not dealt with head on is the issue of