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Language Learning Unlocked

Guided Visualization
by Andrew Weiler - E Book, Value $19.75 – Now FREE

This Ebook contains all the material you will need to create your own guided visualization for yourself. Vision boards have also been explained in this Ebook as these can aid the visualization process. These explanations and instructions will be all you need to create powerful visualizations that can support your learning. It is important to follow the methods that can assure you of results, as many times visualization can prove to be ineffective because the way it was implemented. (Please note that visualization cannot replace the work you have to do. It can assist you in the learning process)

Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill Adapted for Language Learners
by Andrew Weiler - E book & Audio, Value $27.95 + $27.95 – Now FREE

Think and Grow Rich is a timeless classic created by Napoleon Hill near the beginning of last century. Numerous successful people from all walks of life have attributed their success to this book. At first glance it would be easy to discard it as having little value in the area of language  
le​​​​arning, as it appears to be directed to people wanting to become wealthy. That would be a mistake. To make it more easily readily accessible for language learners it has now been re-edited to make its content directed towards language learners.

Language Learning Unlocked
by Andrew Weiler - Audio version- MP3, Value $27.95 –


The audio version of this book is also yours once you purchase this book. The audio version of this book has been made available for the people who are too busy to read, or who might actually prefer this medium. Listening to the book provides another opportunity to revise or pick things up you may have missed the first time. Listen to it while you are driving, exercising or walking. It is a great way to increase the value of your time.

Language Learning Diary 
Created by Andrew Weiler- Online version, Value $12.75 –

This diary has been specifically created to go with this book. It cannot, like any other of the bonuses, be obtained by any other means than through the link below. It contains a day by day diary specifically designed to help organize your language learning so you focus on the areas that will give you the most benefit, setting up powerful habits of learning. Each day is expandable, with an inspirational quote, to help trigger your energies in the directions that can produce positive outcomes. It is best to use it and refer to it on a daily basis until you establish effective language learning patterns

Affirmations – for Language Learners 
By Andrew Weiler - Audio MP3, Value 19.95 – Now FREE

The audio file has been specifically created for language learners. It is a unique compilation specifically designed for language learners. Put them to use and find out just why so many people use affirmations to achieve their goals. The file included is spoken in English for people learning English.

Step by step instructions have also been created in the support materials for you to create your own below.

Affirmations – for Language Learners 
By Andrew Weiler - 
E Book Support materials, Value $19.95 – Now FREE

Step by step instructions have been created in the support materials for you to create your own affirmations, for other language combinations. Included in this kit are the words used in the English version as well as the name of the free software you can use to create your own affirmation audio files. There is nothing like this anywhere else for language learners It is a unique product created with soft music designed to help bring the power of the affirmations to life in your unconscious.

Language Learning Unlocked 
Main Action Points 
by Andrew Weiler - Value $16.75 – Now FREE

This list of action points is a valuable bonus that can save you a lot of time and energy as it can help you revise or recheck what you have read without having to go through the book again. It can literally save you hours and hours of time finding something you read. It can also help you implement new strategies quickly. They have been cross referenced with the book so you can quickly refer back to the book should you need to. Having said that it would be a big mistake just to read these and not the book. The action points can only help you trigger ideas and understandings that you have already reached. They cannot create them!

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