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The Surprising Power of Pronunciation

Anthony Larsen, a writer for, guest blogs today on the power of pronunciation to help improve one’s language learning abilities. A few months after I started learning Spanish I took up a new job where I worked with mostly Spanish speaking Latinos who knew little English. I thought, “Great, this is an awesome opportunity

Questions are the answer

There are many reasons why it is that some people become successful so readily whilst others struggle and never really achieve the levels of proficiency they were seeking. One reason which comes up time and time again is that the successful ones take on more responsibility for their learning and don’t just do what they

Yoda on Language Learning

How often have we heard the exhortation, or even made it ourselves, “Try harder!” The implication being that rewards come to those who try. Should we not instead heed the words of the immortal guru Yoda, who said,  “Do or do not. There is no try.” That advice seemed to resonate with me at so