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Improve your Learning lists a number of posts showing language learners how to improve their language learning.

5 Steps to Improve English Speaking

how to improve English speaking

You may be wondering, five? Well, once you understand AND implement these steps, and start seeing the results you get, you will come to know why each of them is essential. To improve any skill, in fact, takes 5 steps. Improving English (or any other language) speaking is no different. How to Improve English Speaking SkillsIt […]

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Improving Listening Skills is Essential for Any Language Learner

Improving your listening skills will undoubtedly have an enormous impact on your ability to learn to speak a new language. Of course you can study the grammar, practice the pronunciation, work tirelessly at remembering new vocabulary but unless your listening skills are good (at the very least) your speaking skills will inevitably be constrained. This […]

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After classes, then what?

language classes vs self study

What’s after language classes?One seldom discussed issue for language learners who are in classes is how are they going to keep learning once they leave classes. This is really a critical question, if this is you, as the answer to this can help you decide on what is the best course of action in your language […]

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The Surprising Power of Pronunciation

Anthony Larsen, a writer for, guest blogs today on the power of pronunciation to help improve one’s language learning abilities. A few months after I started learning Spanish I took up a new job where I worked with mostly Spanish speaking Latinos who knew little English. I thought, “Great, this is an awesome opportunity […]

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Learning Languages Formula

Formula for Success in learning languages

Formula for Success You may be surprised to read that there is such a thing as a success formula for learning languages. I can assure you there is one! Success in language learning is not a random or a haphazard event, many if not most of you I am sure would agree. Whilst there can be […]

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Questions are the answer

There are many reasons why it is that some people become successful so readily whilst others struggle and never really achieve the levels of proficiency they were seeking. One reason which comes up time and time again is that the successful ones take on more responsibility for their learning and don’t just do what they […]

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Yoda on Language Learning

How often have we heard the exhortation, or even made it ourselves, “Try harder!” The implication being that rewards come to those who try. Should we not instead heed the words of the immortal guru Yoda, who said,  “Do or do not. There is no try.” That advice seemed to resonate with me at so […]

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What do I learn next?

Does it really matter what I decide to learn next? One of the key issues that many learners overlook or don’t adequately resolve is “What do I work on next?”. This question is more important than you may suppose as what you decide on may set you up for success, or maybe for a much […]

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Is Language Learning Hard?

There certainly is a perception “out there” that language learning is difficult. With the prevalence of that belief, one would think there must be some truth to that perception. In fact you can even find hard data to “prove” that belief.  Of course one should not jump to hasty conclusions and believe that what we […]

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Better Language Learning

better language learning

I was struck recently from the experience I had when I attended a conference (IATEFL) for English language teachers in Hungary that a key factor in learning another language is the mindset you bring to it, more than anything else. I had the good fortune to meet there not only local teachers and ones from […]

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Who Likes Change?

I have been exploring what holds language learners back and what can be done to move forward so they can produce the outcomes that all of us are capable of, since I started this site, some 3 years ago.  One issue I have skirted about but not dealt with head on is the issue of […]

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Unlock Your Language Learning

Discover how to dramatically improve your language learning ability Have you ever wondered why it is that all of us learned our first language with seeming effortless ease, while most of struggle learning a subsequent language. We struggle so much in fact that something like 95% of those who set out to do it give […]

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Noticing and Learning Languages

Noticing what we are doing while we are learning a language, its impacts on others as well as ourselves is a key to language learning. As to be expected many language learners, to a large degree, rely upon how they have been taught to learn a language. However most language teaching practices seem to concentrate […]

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Talent and Language Learning

There is an undercurrent of opinion that there are talented language learners and then there are the rest, who struggle to get to proficiency. So the question, “Is talent needed for language learning?” is one that many language learners think about and I daresay want to be answered! Or is it just a convenient belief to […]

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Mistakes to Avoid to Successfully Learn a Foreign Language

mistakes to avoid in learning languages

I wrote a free Ebook some years back which detailed 7 mistakes you need to to avoid to successfully learn another language. For a while, I had the summary of the contents of that ebook here. Since then I have updated it and created a completely revised edition, with one mistake replaced with another, which […]

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Steve Job’s Approach to Language Learning!

Steve Jobs’ impact on our life cannot be overestimated. His innovations have likely touched nearly every aspect of life to do with– computers, movies, music and mobiles. I have here applied Jobs’ set of principles that drove his success to language learning. 1. Do what you love. Jobs once said, “People with passion can change […]

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Awareness in Language Learning

One of the basic understandings that can drive your learning forward is to understand that for language learning to happen, there must be an awareness or even multiple awarenesses about what it is that you are going to learn. Let us look at a few examples.  Let us say for example that you are pronouncing […]

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