Language Learning Unlocked
 Dramatically Improve your language Learning 

Tired of Struggling, not achieving the levels you are after?

Are you still struggling to learn a new language!

Just because people used candles for thousands of years does not make them the best way of providing light during the night. Imagine finding the power of using “electricity” in language learning!

Your beliefs about what is possible may be holding you back. Our beliefs are one of the strongest forces in our lives. If you believe language learning is hard, then it will be. The reality is our past does not have to control our future. We CAN change our beliefs once we experience learning as not hard and not a grind.

Much of the time our beliefs are built on what we heard or experienced. However 2 people can see a glass half full and they may believe different things about what is in that glass. The one who believed it was half empty would approach it in quite a different way to the person who believed it was half full.

Not knowing what works and what doesn't can hold you back and create those beliefs we were just talking about. Most people were never educated beyond being told to study, translate, memorise, practice and repeat. There is much more to language learning than that!

The truth is - the ones who master a language are taking steps that others don't. 

Discover what they are doing!

Successful Language Learners

come to fully understand that it is your attitudes and practices that create the results you get. It makes no sense to want to change your results without changing your attitudes and practices. Explore in these pages just what attitudes and practices you need to take on if you wish to get the sorts of results that I am sure you are after.

Learning languages successfully is all about being fully engaged in your learning

Mind you, the learning you are doing must always lead to increased skills AND confidence. Engaging yourself in study is NOT going to lead to mastery. Skill development is all about using what you are learning.

Continuing struggle with little improvement in skills and confidence is a sign!

The 2 most common results for most people who experience continuing struggle with little reward is:

  1. giving up
  2. a belief that "I am no good at learning languages" or "I do not have the language learning gene!"

That's very sad. The reality is that everyone has the language learning gene! We all proved that by learning the most difficult language of all, the first. You may say but, children are different. They are, I agree! However, why can't we learn from what we all did, rather than ignore it all? That is what happens in most language classes, books, courses and exercises. A complete denial of the fact that we did and do have a whole array of internal resources at our finger tips. All we have to do is to call on them.

It's a bit like riding a bicycle. Once you learn, you can never forget! You just have to get back on it no matter what you may think or others say.

To help you turn your beliefs and actions around, the most important thing you can do to ease and eventually stop your frustration is to do some research on what you can do to learn a language. Indeed to learn to enjoy the whole process! 

Language Learning Unlocked

You don't have to go very far to do that research.

Here is a book that will provide you with some background and give you ideas and practices that can positively transform what you do and the results you will get

  • 1
    Language Learning Unlocked provides insights and understandings that will help you to understand why your efforts have not given you the results you are wanting.
  • 2
    It will also provide ideas and practices that can turn around the results you are getting from day 1
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    Once you understand what has been going wrong and what you can do, you will be able to "get back on your bike" & take control of your own learning.

What People Are Saying About
Language Learning Unlocked

“...take their language learning to a whole new level”

Language Learning Unlocked is a must-have, a must-read and a must-apply book for people who want to improve the results they are getting in learning languages. It takes you on a journey helping you to understand just why so many people struggle to learn a second language even though they learned their first with relative ease.

This sets up the rest of the book inspiring readers to want to take on the challenge. From showing you how to re-contact and energise the powers we all demonstrated in our first few years learning our first language, to considering how we can best utilise the abilities we have as adults, to looking at language learning in ways that are not traditionally looked at, Andrew has put together a book that can show language learners how they can take their language learning to a whole new level.

Suzanne Mckinnon

- Dean, Faculty of Education, Service Skills & Environment, Holmesglen Institute, Australia

“Bilingualism is not reserved for the privileged few. "

"This book aims to remove possibly the most debilitating issue that holds back language learners: the widespread belief that successful bilingualism is reserved for the privileged few. Andrew Weiler’s book shows how exactly what is entailed in becoming a skilled and confident user of another language can help transform the experience for many people. Between the recent explosion of research based knowledge about successful language learning and current practices in education and learner expectation there resides a large chasm. Filling this is Mr. Weiler’s aim. His vision is for universal success, a goal whose achievement we should all welcome and which this important book will help make achievable.

Jo Lo Bianco 

Professor of Language & Literacy Education

Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne

“The key to achieve fluency in another language?"

Taking us away from traditional models of language learning, Andrew has presented us with a refreshing alternative that is a must read for anyone who wants to find the key to achieve fluency in another language. Readers will be inspired by the insights Andrew has provided about the abilities and potential that all of us have. Language Learning Unlocked is a book that has dispensed with the current language teaching and learning paradigms that permeate most language courses. It is a valuable contribution to the field of language learning that will enable readers to gain an understanding of not just why they can become proficient in another language but also how to do it.

Tony Pollock
- IDP Education 2005-2011

Language Learning Unlocked

Grab a copy of this book if you have a desire to dramatically improve your language learning ability. It will give you all you need to take your learning to a new level....and to keep improving how you are learning. 

Learning a new language should be a great experience. This is the book to show you just how you can make it so.

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Andrew Weiler


About Andrew Weiler

I became aware early on in my career that most language learners were struggling. This was no different to most of my language classes at school when I was young. I knew there must be a better way so I looked far and wide to find ways that would overcome the problems they were having. 

I finally did come across approaches and understandings that I saw and experienced that successfully dealt with these problems. So I set about transforming my teaching, and eventually saw the the results of my students started to improve, many times dramatically.

The answers came in the form of:

  1. Learning of language must be driven by what the learner becomes aware of, understands and can produce without being spoon fed - NOT by the demands of a predetermined curriculum.
  2. Understanding that language is a bit like building a house. You need to get the essential blocks in place first ( keeping point 1 as a touchstone!).
  3. Long term and sustained learning only happens if the learner is driving it.

These three understandings revolutionised what I did as a teacher and also what I did as a learner.

The next piece of the jigsaw fell in place when I decided to investigate how it is that some people can become extraordinarily successful in different areas of life. By examining the lives of some successful people, it was most revealing to find the commonalities they displayed. Interestingly I discovered parallels between these commonalities and the three answers I came to above, as well as a host of other factors. I took out what was relevant and applied them to the area of language learning.

One of these factors was the importance of beliefs in determining a person's future. This explained a lot about some of the puzzling behaviours that I witnessed. I then set about applying some of the strategies that successful people use in my life and brought them into my teaching. Immediately there were even more positive changes with my students and I could see that I had discovered some missing pieces to the jigsaw.

The results of all this work, and much more, you will find in this book - Language Learning Unlocked

You will also receive a whole bunch of bonuses
all designed to help you implement the necessary changes

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    Audio of the entire book  
    - For you to listen to
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    Main Action Points from book
    - to get going from Day 1
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    Think and Grow Rich (adapted for Language Learners - Text & Audio)
    - for your success
  • angle-right
    ​Language Learning Diary
    - to organise yourself
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    Affirmations for Language Learners
    - to help with your mindset
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    ​Guided Visualisation
    - to lock in your learning

Just the bonuses are worth MUCH more than this ridiculously low price! 

For more details on the bonuses, check here.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't believe you have got value for the money you spent on this book, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Andrew Weiler

P.S.: If you are determined to master a language to the highest of levels, grabbing a copy of this book ( and the bonuses) will be one of the best investments you will make!

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