Vietnamese Learning English Pronunciation

“To change what you get you must change who you are.”
by ~Vernon Howard~


Every language has its own pronunciation challenges. One of the ones that has more than its fair share are the Vietnamese. I don’t really want to go into it here as for most of you there is really little interest I suspect. If you have some interest, check out the two video clips on  this page and that will give you some inkling.

I am conducting a workshop specifically for them on October 8. I will of course be using much of what I have written about in these pages as a way to get them to do better, in some cases much better, job on their pronunciation. That will entail providing the conditions whereby they can become aware of what exactly they are doing and not doing. Becoming more aware of oneself and of the specific needs of English is really the first step.

Then to see what kind of control they can exert, with a little direction from me, on all the elements that enable us to speak. This will include breath control. Rhythm and tones are also key elements that need to be recognised as key elements of the English sound system.

I will be videoing the whole workshop, so at some stage I will make parts of it available.  Click below and you will find more details.

English Pronunciation for Vietnamese

 English Pronunciation Workshop for Vietnamese Speakers