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The Importance and Power of Listening Skills

Your listening skills will undoubtedly have an enormous impact on your ability to learn to speak a new language. Of course you can study the grammar, practice the pronunciation, work tirelessly at remembering new vocabulary but unless your listening skills are good (at the very least) your speaking skills will inevitably be constrained. This is […]

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Ways to Improve Listening

ways to improve your listening

I have written quite extensively on the importance of listening in learning languages in a number of posts, as I believe this skill lies at the heart of being a good language learner. Many students understand this so they look for listening exercises to help them improve their listening. Teachers also understand it so they […]

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Speaking as a learning approach

Traditionally, reading and writing have been used as the main instructional tools in teaching or learning languages and although there are some approaches that vary from this practice the evidence still seems to suggest that many teachers and learners use reading and writing as the main medium. There is no doubt that on many levels […]

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