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How To Memorize Vocabulary

One of the most common problems or issues that language learners talk about is how to memorize vocabulary. I have talked before about what strategies learner can employ to improve their ability to remember vocabulary in a number of posts. Memorizing is something that many language learners want to do better, however, what most of […]

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Vocabulary Learning in a Second Language

Learning Vocabulary

Concentrating on vocabulary learning to the exclusion of all else is a common mistake that many language learners make. That is not surprising as I have seen so much emphasis made in language learning books and courses, about the importance of vocabulary. There is no doubt about the importance of vocabulary. However, I feel that its […]

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How to Remember Vocabulary

How to remember vocabulary

​How to remember vocabulary is a question that virtually all learners I have come across try to solve by drawing up vocabulary lists, usual translations in their mother tongue next to each word.  Then these very same students come up to me and say “My memory is so poor,  I can’t seem to remember the […]

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