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The Surprising Power of Pronunciation

Anthony Larsen, a writer for SpanishHackers.com, guest blogs today on the power of pronunciation to help improve one’s language learning abilities. A few months after I started learning Spanish I took up a new job where I worked with mostly Spanish speaking Latinos who knew little English. I thought, “Great, this is an awesome opportunity […]

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Welcome to The Dice Life: The Ultimate Productivity Hack

Poductivey hack in language learning

Morning. Latte, cappuccino, chai latte, frappucino – choices, choices and never enough time to think about what you really want. Best stick with the usual, one Americano, please (how exciting). Afternoon. Emails, projects, tasks, meetings and bosses! Which one to tackle first, who comes next and what has to wait? Decisions, decisions. Energy and time […]

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Mistakes to Avoid to Successfully Learn a Foreign Language

mistakes to avoid in learning languages

I wrote a free Ebook some years back which detailed 7 mistakes you need to to avoid to successfully learn another language. For a while, I had the summary of the contents of that ebook here. Since then I have updated it and created a completely revised edition, with one mistake replaced with another, which […]

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Good Conversation Skills ARE Important for Language Learning

Improve conversation skills

Why Improve Conversation Skills?You may be wondering why this topic is important for someone who wishes to learn a second language. One of the biggest factors that hold learners back, especially in a second language learning environment, like learning to speak English in Australia, is the fact that many of them lack the necessary conversational skills […]

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