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Value of Repetition in Language Learning

For many language learners (and their teachers) repetition is highly valued, whether it be repeating vocabulary, grammar conjugations, sounds or phrases.  This practice is so ingrained in many people’s thinking and practices that they find it hard to see language learning without this practice as a core part of it. There are in fact different kinds of repetition.

Practice Makes Perfect

Does “practice make perfect” or “does practice make improvement”? I think both can be true but really we will get much further and not get disillusioned if we aim for progress rather than perfection.  That way we can keep progressing until we get to perfection! Did you know that when a Shuttle rocket blasts off

Improving Language Practice

Language Practice Everyone knows the importance of language practice for language learners.  However there is not much discussion about what actually is good practice.  I have seen practice that is next to useless and practice that brings amazing improvements.  So sometimes the reason why people don’t progress as they would like is that they not