On this page you will find a number of services that are designed to help you implement some of the ideas you will have come across on this site.

The success of your learning is MUCH more dependent upon how you are learning and what you doing than you would suspect. Once you find the right approach and tools for you, it can be surprising what a change you will find.

I first experienced that (in reverse) when I went from being one of the best students learning French in my school years to being one of the worst, after changing teachers. It is exactly the same for us as adults.

30 Day Listening Bootcamp

Take this bootcamp if you are want to improve your speaking. It is designed for advanced English language learners but is suitable for any language really.

The quality of your speaking is determined by the quality of your listening. Simple as that! Improve your listening and you will see your speaking improve!

check english pronunciation

Check Your Pronunciation

Get some professional feedback on your English pronunciation. This can serve as base from which to work from. It can help you if you are not able to hear where you have issues. Once you know where they are, they can sensitise your ears and that is what is going to drive your improvement.

Free Coaching

This free coaching session can help you sort out some issues you have identified, or can put you on a more direct path to where you are going with your learning.