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Are Language Classes Useful

Many people turn to language classes in the blind belief that they will learn a language there. Well, sometimes that is what happens. But many times not.  There are many things we could say about what makes a good language class.  For now though, what I would like to point out that, at a general

Effective Language Learning

The following is an abridged and amended version of a talk I gave to some advanced level English language learners last year about effective language learning. Today, what I want to talk to you about is an aspect to effective language learning. Understanding the distinction between active and passive learning will help you become more effective in

Successful Language Learning

To better understand successful language learning we can learn a lot by better understanding what successful people do in any area to be successful.  Clearly language learners don’t need to do what athletes do or what  business people do to attain the heights in their respective areas.  However we can look at what they do and

Language Learning Strategies

Your language learning strategies are a key factor if you are interested in taking your language learning to the next level. Many people don’t realise this. The result is that maybe they get stuck at a level for too long;  their progress seems to be too slow; learning languages seems too much like hard work