I did an advanced English course in 2009. I remember my first class with Andrew moved me very much! I could feel his passion for teaching his students.

The most important thing is the teacher--- Andrew is a highly qualified, he has broad knowledge and extremely well prepared for each class. I liked his ideas to improve my English. He gave us the ongoing homework, which was to watch drama every night.--- Can you believe? Watching T.V was my homework! Everyone liked this simple but helpful work! So, we watched the drama and we discussed it in the class. It helped me to understand the western culture easily. And for our assessments he always gave us a very clear and corrected feedback.

He is friendly and helpful always give me lots of information and advice to improve my further study until now. I would like to call him ‘mentor’ instead of teacher. Thank you Andrew!

Autumn Zheng
autumnqz [at] y7mail.com
Autumn Zheng

Mr.Weiler is a caring and easy going teacher. I have experienced learning English with him and I felt impressed with his approach and methodology. His classes were always filled with fun and knowledge. His classes provide great opportunities for improving listening and speaking abilities above all. Because of his teaching abilities my oral, written and communication abilities have grown significantly. As an overseas student his classes provided not only English learning opportunities, but also general knowldge about Australia, its people and culture. I am most thankful to him.

Pawee Jaiman
p_jaiman at live.com.au

I studied in one of Andrew's ESL classes for 6 months and I am grateful to Andrew for building my confidence. He also made me be aware of the differences when speaking with native speakers, so I started learning English faster.
(Business owner)

Yana Chen
yanachen.cn at gmail.com
Yana Chen

I was very lucky to study with Andrew. He is an ideal teacher. His method of teaching is very impressive. He makes his students think and enhance their creativity. He was not only there to pass his information to us, but also developed our love for learning, he activated the mind of a student, he taught us how to think and grow logic. He bought into play the hidden mental powers of all students.

As being the teacher of English class, he does not use difficult words and sentences; his language was clear and simple.

He has great sense of humour that reduces barriers, and lightens the atmosphere especially in a difficult topic in the class. He has ability to carry his students far and gain more respect, it increases his popularity.

I wish to become Andrew’s student again, get more knowledge from him.

Nuzhat Majid
nuzhat_majid at hotmail.com

Mr. Andrew Weiler has taught me English in for nearly 1 year after I came to Australia as a migrant. Under his comprehensive guidance, my English has been improved a lot!

Mr. Andrew Weiler is not only an excellent teacher but also I would say, a beacon for us. He impressed me as a knowledgeable, responsible, strict but impartial teacher. Apart from teaching us English itself, he taught us the right way to learn it. Furthermore, he gave us lots of recommendations about how to “survive” in this brand new country, which I found quite useful.

In my point of view, finding a RIGHT English teacher is more than essential for a new migrant. Mr. Andrew Weiler is the best English teacher I have ever had. And definitely, he really is. Thanks Andrew!!!

Lingling Zhang
Lynne.zhang at hotmail.com
Lingling Zhang

I couldn't forget Andrew, my first English teacher in Australia as well as his teaching skills because he was so different from other English teachers. He has had a passionate interest in international students especially people with fear for learning English and applied his excellent knowledge and strategies to teach students. In fact, when I arrived in Australia 3 years ago, I was really afraid of learning English in spite of my English study over 10 years in Korea.

After attending his class, my English was improved every day without stress and fear. It was absolutely a happy time for me to learn and enjoy English study. I couldn't forget Andrew, my first English teacher in Australia as well as his teaching skills because he was so different from other English teachers. He has had a passionate interest in international students especially people with fear for learning English and applied his excellent knowledge and strategies to teach students. In fact, when I arrived in Australia 3 years ago, I was really afraid of learning English in spite of my English study over 10 years in Korea.

I have believed that it was completely lucky for Andrew Weiler to be my first English due to his continuous influence for my development and further steps. As a result, I could successfully finish my main course, community welfare work that requires a lot of speaking, listening, writing and reading and get a job in welfare area after the graduation thanks to his great teaching and help. He has been encouraging me a lot whenever we meet to achieve my goals. Maybe I need his teaching for my next level so that I can speak English as a native speaker. I have been waiting for his fantastic advice and strategy to feel and enjoy it again. I am so happy now to have a great opportunity through this website since he is a wonderful English teacher.

Rani Byun
happyrani [at] hotmail.co.kr

When I started studying my English language course, I was not confident and secure enough in my English language skills also I was feeling homesick.

To have Andrew's as my English teacher , I would say: "was lucky". He is an excellent teacher and such a positive person that makes his classes very enthusiastic and makes you feel more interested to study.

Being a student of Andrew was absolutely fantastic, besides being an excellent teacher he encouraged myself to believe when I was not believing: "to be confident in my English language skills"!

Maria Di Giusto
risdigiusto at hotmail.com
Maria Di Giusto

When I came here in Australia, I had hard time with different cultures and a different language. Even though I didn't say anything, but Andrew asked me and listen to my situation. He also checked my progress of learning English and advised regularly. In his class, he gave some good practices which were interesting and helpful to writing skills. When I spoke English, he always listened carefully and got me to correct my mistakes. He didn't just let me know the right word. he made me find the right word. Maybe he didn't know about one thing about me because I didn't say it..

Now I want to tell him it with "Thank you". "If you hadn't cheered me up, I couldn't have tried to work in the restaurant to need English." The biggest one thing which I was given from Andrew's class is confidence that I can do anything with my English.

Minji Park
freesia479 [at] gmail.com

My experiences in language learning enabled me to quickly see that Andrew has a unique ability to engage me and make me work through the problems that I had. His teaching was varied and flexible, always working in with my language needs, making sure that the topics made us think about our opinions.

He gave us lots of opportunities to talk and express ourselves. He always listened to what we said and stopped us when what we said was not clear or our language was not good. At first I found this a little unusual but now I can see the value it has had. It made me pay more attention to what I say. I found I didn’t have to push myself , like I was used to, because the activities and the way we worked were so engaging and involving.

He helped me believe in myself.

Sharon Huamin Guan
mylon66 [at] hotmail.com
Sharon Huamin Guan

I recently completed the International Second Language Proficiency Ratings test and got 3 for 3 skills ( writing 3+). I must thank him very much. His advice was really good for me. Now my English has extremely improved, especially speaking. I always remember what Andrew told me.

Tina Nguyen
tinanguyen608 [at] gmail.com
Tina Nguyen

I have been studying English as a second language for one year. I have met many teachers and Andrew is one of them, but he is the most special one. I love his teaching way. He knew our needs, knew what we wanted indeed. He inspired us at appropriate times and gave us many useful kinds of advice in learning English. He advised me to read aloud sentences quickly every day in order to improve my speaking speed. When I did like that, I found my tongue turning flexible. It was a magical method for me. I will keep doing that. I was very lucky to be Andrew's student. Thanks, Andrew!
(IT Engineer)

Rita Fu
fur12377090 at gmail.com
Rita Fu

Before going to Andrew classes I was not aware that to learn English my approach is not completely right. But after attending his classes (ESL), I learned new and really effective ways to learn English, which I implemented in my daily life. Andrew helped me in building the confidence that me and anybody can learn English with right approaches.

One thing I really wanted to mention about Andrew is his teaching skills are amazing. Now I know a word can be used in different parts of speech and reading is a good way to improve my English. I have learned a lot from Andrew about Language learning. Thanks a ton Andrew!!!

Archana Jain
archana.pjain at gmail.com
Archana Jain

I had studied English for 30 years and still felt this language a kind of alien time to time. After taking Andrew’s lessons, I have found the technique to get closer to this language. What having inspired me the most is that I must quit relying on my mother tongue to understand English in order to master it. It makes sense. There was no translating language to help me to learn my mother tongue. Andrew just reminded me the importance of learning as naturally as a baby. Wish you have chance to experience amazing inspiration.
(Japanese-Chinese translator & interpreter )

Toui Ko
toui7 [at] hotmail.com

Andrew's classes have changed the way of my English learning greatly. After practicing his theory for several weeks, I became not to feel uneasy when facing English materials.
Now I am more confident in English reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Also I feel it is not a serious thing to learn English. Anything, even advertisements, can be an English teacher. My brain has become much more active and brisk when listening to English, which allows me catch words and sentences structures more and more easily.

Stella She

By the age of the late forties, studying English language with young people like my daughters’ age is quite challenging for me. At first I just couldn’t believe that I can make it, but the reality is I achieved much in such a short six months period, this all because I’ve been privileged to be one of Andrew’s students.

I have been in Australia for many years and I had studied English for several years, since I’ve arrived. For many reasons, I had given up my English study for eight years. Wanting to try to pick up some English, this year I attended EAL class. Andrew is one of my teachers; also he is the special one who can bring out his students.

He is like a mentor more than an instructor, he made us believe in that every impossible thing could become possible, if we determined. He required us to set up short term and long term goals to guide us on the right track. He encouraged us more than simply pushing us. He always inspires us to study English with self-motivations, as giving us some inspirational stories to read at the right time of every study stages.

He has unique teaching style, although, some of his teaching methods may be disputable for others, but it is effective for us. He helped us learning things from our mistakes. Andrew encouraged us to correct our mistakes by ourselves rather than gave us the answers directly at the first. From my understanding, this method means to help us to develop a self-awareness habit of learning language.

He often discusses the best way of using some English words in our writing, this helped us understanding more clearly of the logic of English language, and thus it helped us using these words more accurately and appropriately indeed.

All these practical methods made positive effects toward my English study; it transformed me into a new study stage. Although there is still a long way to go, but with the things I’ve learned from Andrew, I believe I shall always on the right track. Here, I would give great appreciation to Andrew.

Xiaoyan Chen
xychen418 [at] hotmail.com

I have been in Australia for almost 5 years, and I have not learning English for a long time. But when I studied in Andrew class, he taught me how to use grammar, writing, especially how to speak English and pronounces it clearly. He really pay attention when i was hard to speak . Andrew told how to improved my English speaking . Now I felt my English has totally improved. I am not so afraid in talking with people. I am really thank you him so much . You are my best teacher.

Pisey Mil
pisey_mil [at] y7mail.com

Andrew has this fantastic faculty to bring your English skill further than you have ever imagined and always with a positive and funny attitude. He’s encouraging, inspiring and the most efficient teacher I have ever met.

Christina Spyropoulos
physio.christina at gmail.com
Christina Spyropoulos

My classes with Andrew Weiler had been really awesome. He’s a great teacher, who has acquired the best teaching tactics to teach students, who has been using English language as a second language. I have witnessed especially the overseas students, who have moved to Australia suddenly found themselves studying and working in an English speaking environment get benefitted through Andrew’s teaching. He conducts classes methodically in a very practical way, yet academically. Through his teaching students not only learn just English, but also essay writing tips and how to pay attention to speak and write in English using high level of words with correct grammar. With Andrew, students feel very comfortable when speaking English and more fluent too. The best thing about Andrew’s classes was he helped and encouraged us to set goals and prepare for his lessons according to what we want to achieve through his great sense of humor.

I really appreciated my classes with Andrew and they brought me a great enjoyment to attend his classes. He supported me and my fellow class mates to achieve the best we could. I highly recommend him and his teaching methods to anyone, who finds it difficult to learn English.

Constance Fernando
constance_fernando [at] yahoo.com
Constance Fernando

Andrew is the best language coach I’ve ever meet before. He gave me a very different way of learning English than before. He’s not just tell me the way of learning but the way to actually improve my English. He’s listening to me very carefully then find the problem of mine then gave me specific method to solve my problems.
Andrew is very patient and always got a nice smile. Even someone who just know a little English dare to express his or her mind with simple English in front of Andrew.
No matter what level you are he can always help you improve your English much more quickly than you expected.

Ben Liu
benlong1988 [at] hotmail.com

Before I went to Andrew's class, English Learning was very hard for me. No confidence, grammar, vocabulary ...

But now, I can communicate with my local neighbor. I can go to the Centrelink to solve problems by myself. I can work at placement with local colleagues...

I was very lucky studied with Andrew. His class was always interesting. I can learn a lots of skills with laughing . In the class, when we spoke, he asked us listening to others carefully and he corrected our mistakes. It is very useful for me to remember.

The most important thing is, Andrew not only taught us English, he helped us to find a right way to study.

Ivy Wang
ivyw6005 [at] gmail.com

I was very lucky that I could be Andrew's student. He is the best teacher I have met. I really appreciate his way to teach, interested, humorous and inspired. Whole class, every one were very enjoy and devoted to the class discussing. I improved my speaking and listening a lot! Also I witnessed my classmates' progress. He taught us not just English, he guided us to find a right way to learn! That can be used for a lifetime! And I am pretty agree with his opinion about how to improve English. Find the difference and reduce the difference step by step. Actually it can be use any thing you want to improve. Set the standard and find what are the difference between you and the standard, then reduce it. Andrew is not only a teacher, but also a friend. Even once we left the class, we often ask him for advice or to help us while we are confused. I also had recommended my brother to attend his class, but unfortunately the class was full. He really want to try next term. I hope he can get into the class.

Linda Dong
szlindadong [at] gmail.com

I am lucky to have chance to learn English with Andrew in the early days when I just arrived in Australia. I am really impressive about the way he teaches. It does not only focus on four English skills but also inspired me to be aware of the own way to continue to develop my language skills after the class. With me, the pronunciation is most terrible thing during learning English however thanks to his patience and guidance, I have realised that speaking English is not as difficult as we thought and I really enjoyed learning with him!

Anh Duong
anhduong00 [at} yahoo.com
Anh Duong

I am an immigrant. I have been in Australia for almost 3 years. At beginning, I was not sure my English was good, I was nervous to say English with the local people and felt a little bit scared.
I met Andrew, my English teacher. He taught us not just improving our English but also improving our levels of confidence.
After 3 terms learning with him, I could say something to the local people who I don't know. I am relax when I say English, and I can go to the local shops. That is so amazing, because it could not happen one year ago . Now I could enjoy my new life in Melbourne.
He is not just a great teacher, he is also a good friend, he is so kind to everybody.
(If you want to improve your English and your levels of confidence, you need to work with Andrew)

Yan Ouyang
Yan Ouyang

I have recently moved from Moscow to Melbourne. Relocating from one side of the world to other has been quite challenging for me. Andrew helped me in settling into the Australian lifestyle and in understanding how I can take my language learning to a whole new level. I really appreciate Andrew's lessons because I feel more confident communicating people in English!

Olga Yunaeva
Olga Yunaeva

I came to Australia from Ukraine in August 2010 and began studying English with Andrew Weiler in February 2011. Previously I hadn’t any formal education in English, I just started to learn it by myself 3 years ago. For 6 months Andrews teaching improved my English greatly. Our class came from all over the world and Andrew could find a way to teach all of us. He made a great atmosphere in the class, all students just adored him. All of us had just one goal, to improve our English enough to be successful in this country. Andrew showed us the way how to reach that goal. He inspired and made us to believe in ourselves. I think he is an incredible teacher. I did improve my writing, speaking, listening and reading English a lot. I think we were lucky to had Andrew as our teacher.

Elizabeth Didenko
eliza.7878 [at] gmail.com
Elizabeth Didenko

I was frustrated for a long time about my English, and I tried many ways to improve my English level by myself, but I couldn't see much worked. ....... I realized that my English was not that bad, I just need to be relax to avoid being nervous as it makes me stuck......I recognized I need some professional guidance to be overall improved. I enrolled a language course ....which Andrew was teaching.

This course was totally different from the other language course which I've took before. There were no boring separate exercises to do! Andrew is good at create a relaxed atmosphere in the class to make sure everyone felt comfortable to talk. When we felt relax we could be more open. When we started to talk, he started to listen carefully to the words we used, tried to get the meaning from us, and then tried to figure out what the problems we had. He never laughed at any mistakes we made, instead, he pointed it out and then tried to get everyone involved to think about it. He never tell us the answer straight, just guided us to move to the right track.

Andrew always encourages everyone. He encourages us to be a positive and be active learners ..... in our life. He never rebuke us when we tried to looking for some excuses not to do the homework which he gave us. He pointed out that homework is a kind of way to help us practice English....
I think I was very lucky to meet such a good teacher. He respected each one of us, and taught us the ways of learning. Confucius say: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. I think Andrew is the kind of person who likes to teach a person to fish.

Ye Yue
musicleafmel at gmail.com
Ye Yue

From my past learning experiences i have realised that it is very important and efficient for our homework being corrected thoroughly and get the feedback back on time. So i can improve my english writing skills in according to your suggestions. This also serves as a warning that i can be aware of avoiding the same mistakes next time. In Andrew's class, he always corrected my grammatical mistakes whenever i was talking to him, which was really helpful with my spoken english. Most importantly, his teaching style is quite unique, which is interesting and inspiring and helps me stay motivated in studying English. As for me i really appreciate for his help.

Jenny (Jiao) Shao
shaojia2011 [at] yahoo.com.cn
Jenny (Jiao) Shao